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Now booking for your dance, festival, show or event.

The Kenastons perform throughout the Midwest and are available for bookings in your area no matter the distance, occasion, or size of venue. Roger, Sharon, Vanessa and Bobbi Jo would be glad to entertain you and help you celebrate life.

Who are the Kenastons?

The Kenastons are family. Not only to each other, but to all their friends and musicians they consider as family. Five generations of Kenastons have entertained and shared their talent on stage. Beginning with Great-Grandpa Kenaston, Dewey, who played drums; Grandpa Kenaston, Bob, who played fiddle and other instruments; and on to Bob’s children, Roger & Vanessa; their kids and grandkids. Roger and Vanessa’s mother, Arvilla, was also a musician and played lap steel for the family band. Roger’s daughter, Bobbi Jo is the drummer with the band and does a fine job of singing lead and harmony vocals. Roger’s wife, Sharon (Harre) Kenaston, is the upright bass player and lead singer. Click on the links below to learn more about the Kenastons. Click Here to Learn About The Kenastons in South Texas 2022/2023




Bobbi Jo

Traditional Country Dance Music from the Sandhills of Nebraska
From the Midwest Country Theater in Sandstone, MN as seen on RFD-TV